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V.S. Mehta College is an established institution of long standing where students come in contact with highly motivated learners, experienced and dedicated faculty, and extensive alumni network. In essence, it means connecting and linking with enthusiasm, commitment, and success. A devoted superior teaching faculty, enviable research facilities, flexible curriculum responsive to the needs of industry, excellent computer facilities, modern infrastructure, a well-stocked library, all together, make all University under-graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programmes quite attractive to the students. On close scrutiny, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has accredited the University with B++ STAR status based on 80-85 percent score.

                            We have made best possible efforts to provide maximum information on this portal, taking due care to make it interactive for the users. Though still at a developing stage, the portal will become a cocoon in itself as all the professional and affiliated colleges / institutions join it and the users find all information that they need on-line. We shall, however, keep upgrading of this portal in order to make it an effective and easy instrument of obtaining information about the University.