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It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the Web Portal of V.S. Mehta College, Rohtak (Haryana, India), and to extend our best wishes for an enviable success in all your academic endeavours.

 With the portal becoming operational, I foresee V.S. Mehta College growing fast in its regional, national, and international relations in the sphere of academic outreach, exchange of ideas and thoughts among students and teachers, and intellectual interactions at large. We visualise the College to be a borderless academic institution, offering a good mix of academic pursuits, backed by enviable track record in research, flexible study options, variety of academic programmes, supportive campus environment, attractive location, impressive performance in placements, and healthy socio-cultural life.

 A paradigm shift in the quest for knowledge generation, as also in its application and dissemination, has been the hallmark of all our academic activities in recent years. Our emphasis on the use of Information Technology has helped open up new vistas of growth of knowledge and academic excellence. It is immensely gratifying that, in keeping with this change, the V.S. Mehta College has made significant strides in expanding its academic activities and programmes at the national and international levels. It has since started playing a proactive role in embracing new developments taking place at the global level as reflected in its academic programme offerings.

                                                                                                                                Dr. R.N. Tripathi